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Thread: How can you improve your team?

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    How can you improve your team?

    So, opening two days of the season, I win both cup games 7-0. Very pleased. Great way to continue on how well I done last season.

    I then buy myself a very good right back, as that's a position that needed improving.

    I then lose two friendlies against much poorer quality teams, followed by a disappointing 2-0 victory over an abandoned team.

    So how the hell do they expect you to improve your team, if buying just one player buggers everything up? (I didn't even play the new guy in the 2-0 win)

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    I've had instances where selling or buying one player changed the team dynamics and overall form struggled. identifying your key contributors and maintaining decent rotation will help but I usually keep new players out of the first team for a couple days until they have had a ferw practice matches under their belt with their new teammates and have acclimatized. I also don't play players that I've bought post group stage in CL playoffs as their form never seems to go above 7 having missed the early stages of the competition. You may have encountered teams that are paying higher or max win bonuses than you which can also cause a drop in overall team form. Be careful when instituting win bonuses as I had have problems with motivation when adjusting it too dramatically in the past.
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    You can improve your team with different ways. My advice is trying to identifying players you can rely on.

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    I have noticed that too.
    Some of the strange factors that appear to affect the team's performance are as follows.
    • buying or selling a player (this should not be case if the player you have sold is far from a key player; players bought should not affect the team negatively as it should be improvements)
    • adding a lot of friends (this should not be the case)

    Some players with certain nationalities also seem to flop more.
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