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Thread: How often?

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    Question How often?

    How often does your GK really get injured? Is there any benefit to carrying 2 on the team? He usually only loses 10-15% fit during a game so he is always ready to play even if you have two games a day.

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    It's only happened to me once in 20 seasons. And only once to my opponent which happened to be yesterday. He didn't have a sub keeper so a DC went in goal and I ran riot winning 8-0.

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    very seldom indeed


    had one break his leg in a match (out 20 days) the only I can remember in many seasons
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    They are almost never hurt. However, as I arrange friendly matches daily, I need 2 GK.
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    2 for 3 competitions is a must unless you like wasting greens

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    I only carry the 1 keeper.

    At level 31 I have never seen a keeper get sent off or injured in a game. I've seen them get injured through training, but never in an actual game.

    I play a few friendlies each day too, but often either give my keeper an extra green pack to keep him going, or I throw an outfield player in goal. Interestingly I have not seen a massive decrease in quality when I've had an outfield player in goal.

    In fact, in the past when I've used all my 3 subs and I get an injury in the game I ALWAYS swap my injured player with my Goalkeeper, so my Goalkeeper plays the rest of the game as an outfield player, whilst the injured player plays in goal and I have never suffered from the opposition smashing loads past me. It seems to be a bit of a trick you can exploit (A bit like setting your keeper to take pens/free kicks as you don't concede from doing that either) to get an extra outfield body on the pitch if you have used all your subs and get an injury.

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    always two for me, but I believe you can get away with it if you have a good DC as a sub. But then if he is a good DC, u shd play him as a DC. lol

    I think in 23 seasons, my GK gets injured once every 4 seasons.
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    I had 1 GK that was injured twice in a season. I've not kept count but I don't think I've had many more than 2 other GK injuries in 16 Seasons.

    I only carry one. If I need another I'll buy anything that's available and chuck him in.

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    My goalkeeper has never gotten injured. In fact i only have one goalkeeper in my team. What i do is, i make sure he's always fit by using my rest on him after every match.
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    Sometimes I keep two GK for a season for if the better one of the two runs through a patch of bad form/ratings.

    I believe my first choice GK only got injured once in a season out of 8

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