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Thread: Special Ability For DL/DC

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    honestly i think you are over thinking it. I'm not sure the game even takes into account the recorded hieght on the player card. As i showed you in my formation post, my GK is VERY VERY short, in the time that i've had him he is 40-3 with some ties... but he is 5'9''.... my goalie is the size of messi but plays, so far, like (insert whoever you think is a top goalie)

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    This is your aerial defender... oooooooooooooh wait

    seen couple of minutes ago in nego list

    Special Ability For DL/DC-7thaerialst.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gert Funck View Post
    If a SA should be chosen, I always chose Aerial for the higher player (if/hope that height matters)

    A defensive wall does also mean low and mid, therefor I chose this for smaller players
    If I choose to add a SA, its always AD for my tall defensive players as well. Well, they're all tall, including my Defense Walls (scouts) since I don't have a single defender under 190 height on my roster. I don't know if it matters, but results have been pretty good the last several seasons.
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    Yeah as long as you have 1 of each on the pitch it doesn't really matter who has it. Only takes one player to intervene to make a difference. I do favour taller players.
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