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Thread: Question on power train

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    Question on power train

    Hi I am new to this game and read some posts on stars and power train.

    Say I have a 6 star player. If I am promoted to next league the player will become a 5* player. Will the gain from training improve back to what he used to register when he was a 5* player? For discussion please ignore age factor.

    Since the gain from power train reduce significantly once the player is levelled up to 6*, what is the use of power training a player over 6*? Wouldn't it be better to save the rest and PT at the beginning of next season, when he is bk to 5*? For discussion assuming my team has a comfortable lead over the rest of the team this season.

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    Do like me, train phisicall + defense/attack skills to 9*, so player Quality will be +/- 7* but you have anticipation to overcome 9* teams like I did some times in the Cup... if I remember well the winning of a star reduces 15% speed training.

    The use of having skills of the player trained to a 9* level is simply that you can face 9* teams, always taking into account that too all depend of internal %'s of effectiveness of the players, ofc.

    About save cones and don't add these to abilities, the game recognizes not assigned points as assigned, so if you reach 7* with the skills level + cones, the training speed is reduced too.
    And as always, till here ma contribution. lol

    just, yeah, 5* is 5* and 6* is 6* but theres no differance because we talk about visual skills, and usually a player reach the 90% of what he can do with 5*. Then players have internal proggramming, %'s of effectiveness, anticipation and so,that, are the "base" of the player, and decides if, a 6* have to score in the, 12% of chances or 34% in effectiveness case and anticipation, is what Ive said, if you train speed to 9*, you can face 9*, so if you have 9* speed + the player have a good base of effectiveness in shoot, passing or so, then is when you have the options to face others.
    Hope I explained ma theory lol


    when I say score in the 12 or 34 % of chances I mean that every player have a min. and max. by default, you reach the max. internal by training external skills. Lets say that with 1* is 15% and max with 5-6* reaches the 38%.
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    Yes, he will train as 5*, unless he is 22 next season... From 1* to 4* players have same individual training speed, then training progress goes down around 20% when they are 5* and around 20% more when they are 6*, etc.
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    A 6* player has enough quality to go for any title you want (except ofc the cup, if playing with a higher lv opponent)
    so yes, better save your greens (and reds) for the next season.
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    Great, thnx guys.