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Thread: Unfair Match

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    Unfair Match

    In my Champions League, I'm playing a Level Club level 2 who has an average quality level of 40.3. That equates to five yellow stars, and three additional orange/red stars.

    How is that even possible? The team value is work approximately $72m, has a stadium of 21,000. with a budget of 25M. In his league he has a:
    GF: 128
    GA: 5

    Um. I call BS on this.Unfair Match-hong-fc.jpgUnfair Match-hong-fc-2.jpg

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    bad luck for you.
    He is a heavy T buyer so forget CH.L. for this season
    you can stay away from your between match or maybe get the black cat (bad day achievement)
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    The guy bought loads of tokens, then got young players and has invested them heavily in their training, in official kits and he exchanged some for in-game money.

    There is nothing you can do about it unless you are willing to spend as much.
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    With a 6-star team you will still have the a chance given the way this game works, but with a 4-star or close to 5-star team, it will be difficult as the no factors can override such a quality difference unless may be he plays all his players way out of position and he uses horrible formation and bad combination of orders, which is unlikely.
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    Of course, you can be that guy and use a very defensive formation and hope you can pull a close win from counter-attacking.
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