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Thread: must judge this game

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    must judge this game

    I spend around 100 dollars to make good team here full the players was on full condition full morale the game was in my home my team is 2 times stronger then them and i cant defeat this weak oponent.So in this game everything i s just luck and i lost my money for nothing?????
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    A bit like Arsenal then ?
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    In my (limited) experience, league matches in the first week are a COMPLETE crap shoot; the results seem almost entirely luck-based. As the seasons go on though, the good teams start winning and the bad teams start losing and by the end of the season the table should look like it is meant to.

    I have speculated on my own that this might be deliberately part of the game to try and motivate managers of lesser clubs to not give up hope. Personally, I would feel the shame in getting destroyed by somebody who is trying would be motivation enough, but I cannot think of any other reason why these early league matches are such coin tosses.

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    Hi Gergana, I have an amount of Bulgarian friends in ma T11 so nice to see Bulgarians here,

    The question is, why without know how the game works, you spend 100$?... this game is not about buy players of +1 star that the better team of the league and, done...

    I think that as all players that do the same you did, need more time to understand the game.
    Then if we consideer that buy just +1-2-3 stars players and you loose due luck, what will be called the game if the game give you a victory directly because you or me have a team of +2-3 stars without more margin for the surprise?...

    As I always say, there's the visible Quality, and the hidden Quality in the players, so take care with that, as some players do the same as you did, buy just an amount of players with visible Quality, but, and I say but because I dont know how you tested the team, maybe you need to know better how your players work, testing and looking if they are worth.
    And I can say more but I'm hungry right now LOL
    Go for milk&chocolate :3

    Have a nice day,
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    No. Result is contradicted to players rating.

    Gk: both are poor rating
    Defence: yours is much better
    Midfield: yours is better
    Striker: yours is much better.

    The only conclusion is that gk performance represents the match result.
    Otherwise, it cannot explain.

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    I find it funny that people are so sad they will pay to get a stronger team - then cry when they lose!

    If you part with money for what is, truth be told, a poor game with many faults, then you deserve what you get.
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    3-4-3 always works fine vs. 4-4-2...

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    you wasted 100 dollars, lol. i have a better team than that and i spent 0 dollars.

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    your tactics are inferior, defensive and short passing vs a 3-4-3 going normal and long with counters should crush you, you're lucky you drew