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Thread: Rigged game?

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    Rigged game?

    Abstract: I was playing at home against the last placed team and I had set a win bonus of 3.5M.

    Condiition: All players in top condidition and with average 8 stats.

    Kickoff: There was no away manager or supporter and I had +15% home total possession bonus the whole match.

    Action: Nothing I did would produce any action, the commentator spent the whole time describing the fiercely attacking action from the opponent. Though he had only 33% possession, all the action and intensity came from him.

    Ratings: My player's ratings were permanently red from start to end.

    Goals: I suffer 3 consecutive goals without response, 59, 66 and 72.

    Now the funny event.

    When I suffered the 3rd goal, I gave up and went to make my substitution. Between the moment I save changes and the moment the player comes in, I score a goal (76').

    My substitute comes in at 77 and exactly at that moment, I receive all bonuses (new fans, competition income and a green pack) still with 13 minutes to go. Meaning the score was determined long ago.

    Possible Lag? No. There was no delay, I had 2 friends logging in and refreshing and everything was sycnhronized (as a further EVIDENCE, the substitution was very fast: as you can see it took only 4 game-minutes).

    Explain this.

    Explain why do I get all losing spoils 13 minutes before game ends.

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    Given the past experience with friends seeing results before the game even started or penalty shootouts with the results being determined before they started scoring, I'd say the veracity of this game is seriously questionable.

    Like many said before, the result is certainly determined pre-match, hence the 3 minutes of blocked action.

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    You aren't important enough for them to care about so stop complaining and just suck it up.
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    I'm not alone! I played against the bottom team of my league hours ago and lost badly at home.
    I'm have ave quality of 25.4 and my opponent is 12.8. No matter how i tweaked my setup during the game, I keep conceding goals

    I was top of the table, leading by 1 point and after that match, I dropped to 2nd.

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    I know the feeling.

    A the top of the table, level with the team in second place but with a vastly superior goal difference and my match to play to go three points clear. Playing home, top condition and all my players available. Man for man superior to my opponent and expecting a comfortable victory. Well, that never happened. In the 32nd minute one of my opponent's players is red carded. In the 63rd minute my penalty specialist misses a penalty. In the 70th, 76th and 89th minutes my opponent scores. Wow, what a loss! I believe I would have lost that game even if all players had ten stars and my opponent played with a one star striker as goalkeeper and everyone out of position! Next game I lose again, now in 2nd place. Have to win last game and hope player at top loses which is a distinct possibility with this game. I think the aim is to get us to buy tokens to purchase the top-rated players which won't make a difference because the cycle will just repeat itself. This will probably be the end of my playing top eleven.

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    is it possible lag~ one time, my friend was supporting me in a game (and he is right next to me), the game in his phone was way ahead what i watched in my phone~ his shows score and mine is nothing show until a 1 min later (real time 1 min) even i made a sub, (time i saw i made the change was 66 min) the sub was coming in 77 min ~ so possible a lag in yours case~

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    I got scared, too eerie....
    I once tried to join a game in the 7th minute (a game lasts 8) but by then the match was over.
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    Vent thread?
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