My season ended last night... i finished 2nd place! but now i need help for my cup match...

the first match is against a 4 lvl manager... i'm 2 lvl manager and i need ur help to play as good as possible i can against him...

His formation is 4-1-3-2 ( DR-DC-DC-DL-DMC-MR-MC-ML-ST-ST). we are at the same star quality (cause i spent some tokens on scout) but cause i'm a new one i need some help.

the first match is away and the 2nd home. so if his formation remains the same i need some ideas.

my squad is :

and i have added 2 more players : a) 25 quality AML-ML-MC (dribbler) b) 24 quality DMC-DML-DMR.

thnx and waiting for ur answers my friends