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Thread: Good Transfers? Opinons?

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    Good Transfers? Opinons?

    Hey guys i just started the game and im currently in season one of the game. Just wondering if you guys would say these are good buys:
    18yo q24 MC value 2.7m bought at 2.45
    18yo q24 GK value 2.7m bought at 2.45

    I did not neglect the rest of my team with this buy with all players ranging from 400-1m, and 2 scout players. I was just wondering because ive seen players who are of the same quality costing only 1.2-1.8m. Wondering if paying that extra 1mill each for them was a waste

    Inputs from everyone would be appreciated

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    those are the "fast trainers", the players that gained more than the other players of the game.
    That means if you spend some extra greens (and reds ) you can develop them as 6* players very soon.
    If they are playing good in the game, that's another story.

    (check if you want my guide, to see the higher prices and some other useful posts ).
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    @Thomas Mun Win Fu
    So you team is level 1? In my opinion, that is waste, no offense. I've played those low levels few times with different clubs and I don't think fast trainers are cost-effective on those low levels. For 5,4M you can buy almost whole 5 stars 1st eleven on that level. Mine strategy (long term saving money) on low levels was to buy cheap players but not older than 29-30 years so that they could still be sold in future (before retiring). This way I'd have a lot of money after few seasons so that I could have bought any player I want.
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    I've started a couple of new teams in recent months, and I concentrated on high Q 4* players when improving the squad, winnowing out the slow training 2* and 3* players in the process. With ground improvements as well, I still had a couple of million to spare at the end of the first season for squad improvements the next season. Bear in mind if you get into financial trouble the two players you mention will be the first to be sold (cheaply) to bale you out.

    Also, with the primitive pitches at Level 1, the 'big shot' players will be prime candidates for the injury machine...
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