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Thread: What is your dream-player?

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    What is your dream-player?

    I do not mean number of stars. I do not mean ratings or stats. What I mean is, if you could configure a player of your own within the Top Eleven limits.

    I want my either footed DML ML AML ( or right sided of the same) with shadow striker ability. He will effectively stop opponents AMR. If opponent plays a narrow formation I move him to the AML position of course, or if we need a goal I change the attacking high pressing and move him to the AML position.

    My second choice would be a GK with corner kick special ability. GK are already good at corner kicks, I believe it is because they have 10 heads to choose from.
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    Here are some ideal players from my teams this season
    A ST reliable as gold. Played for 13 seasons, with a sa that's working !
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    Beside a good ST, an all around AM, playing excellent in three positions and his sa seems that's working too.
    I bought him the last days of previous season, he is a young fast trainer so he has some (good) future in the team
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    Another AM who has a sa that's working too. Scoring or giving assists at least once in every game, from free-kicks !
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    A three positions defender, with def.wall sa. A powerful tool.
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    Also :
    A GK with one-to-one sa, very good at corners and free-kicks. I had a couple of times such a GK but not lately.

    A DC , header sa that's working not only in defense, but scoring with the head, from my corners (imaginary )

    A player who is corner specialist but he is very successful and steady to this (not only one season). Never had such a player
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    How do you do to keep your player 13 seasons ???? Always 4 stars, so how do you do to every season win 1 star for your player ?? I din t understand
    Me i keep player 3 seasons maximum