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Thread: Man U vs Liverpool in preliminary cup round???

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    Angry Man U vs Liverpool in preliminary cup round???

    This is a question for all fellow low lvl managers and devs.... Man U vs Liverpool in preliminary cup round - have you ever seen that ???? Ofcourse you havent because not only it is not fair, but also because fans will move away from their fav game when its messed up badly....

    Question to Developers : Do you think you will keep your 5+ million player database playing your game if it lacks realism? Do you think majority of managers enjoy to play a manager simulator with no real factors occurred?

    ps: if you re in low lvl think twice before you rage at me. I have been there before you, I have taken the bitter piss and I didnt complain because this is how it is made in real football competition.
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    i agree, as stated i used cup to use lesser squad players to improve v the lower team as in real life, now it`s a joke.

    my champions league draw is easier than cup ? so i guess champions league is now micky mouse cup and the holy grail is league cup

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    is not a replicate of real football
    did u ever see a league were they create a new league one level higher every season? !!
    i rather have strong entertaining teams every round who are as good as me than others who are just crap or too strong
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