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Thread: I know this has probably been asked before....

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    I know this has probably been asked before....

    When selecting players for corner kicks and free kicks...etc. Is it better to use the players with the specialties or the players with the highest attributes?

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    Don't know, personally I do use the players with the specialities. But then most of my players have similar attributes and so I try to develop a team that has equal attributes in all positions. Not always successfully I may add.

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    No 1st option, no 2nd option in my case. I always suggest to test when season starts, and select 1 man for corners, and 1 for fouls, in the ...80% of seasons there's a player who scores more and it doeant matter the SA or position, Ive used GK's and DC's with defensive wall that were more effective than the 4-5 players with SA of specialists. lol

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    I would say yes unless they aren't defenders. Of course, there is always but... You need to check effectivenes of your offensive players, then put them as FK and corner takers. My team Celtic has 5* ST FK specialist whose rating is near scout, but his statistics aren't as we would expect. However, last season I had 4* MR FK specialist who was teams top scorer and top assistant, ranked 2nd top scorer of league and 3rd assistant of league. So that 4 * MR was more effective as FK taker than now 5* ST.
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    I always have a corner and free-kick specialists in my team. This season i have a DC with FK abillity and he scored 8 goals. And my AMR has 16 assists, and maybe half are from corners. I choose to believe that they work or at least in increases some %.
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    Logic says that if you have players with these sa, you should use them (at least at the start of the season).
    Results saying that you 'll have 80% failure
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    next star is always better than any SA, stated by Nordeus them selve guide to SA

    so thats how I act, Unless I wont my best player to head those balls into the net
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