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Thread: Many people complain, but..

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    Injuries and random factor of the game (not always, but more often than it should be) are the weakness of the game - for me.
    well, it happened again today in my other team. I have 3 active teams this season, so the "bugs" are coming X3 - lol

    after a red card, oppo (wasn't watching)
    I switched to attack, high pitch, scored two goals, but before switched again to defense (because it was smelling a troll around), oppo scored again.
    Ok, it was a fix result, I had to loose because I had four victories in a raw, so the time had come
    (it's the game mechanics that way, you 'll discover those things later)
    Many people complain, but..-defeat-red-card.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by legendqueen View Post
    About the early manager level, i've noticed that 95% of my matches the opponent's managers didnt show up to watch live, they dont pay much attention to this game, or they just quit. So the league tittle is always too easy when 12/13 of your competitors are inactive. The same thing happens in Champion league, you're just unlucky to lose to weaker team
    Hey, let me enjoy it while it lasts from level 4 most managers have turned up, but this season me and second place have a massive gap over the rest even though they do, yeah it sucked big time.
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