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    So I accept that when we all participate in the cup, we may play against teams higher level than ourselves, as its based on skill rating etc... I get that and have accepted it.

    So how an earth do I end up playing a team in the Champions League Semi Final who is 1 level higher than myself? Where is the fairness in this, as my opponent is more than likely going to have the stronger team and higher valued team. We all qualify for the Champions League and should all be placed in it with people equal to our level. How an earth can it be justified to place higher leveled teams in the same draw

    To prove this, I have 2 examples, this morning, I was cheering on a friend in his 2nd leg, he's level 21, and his opponent is 22. Now if thats not bad enough, I've just checked my champions league, and looked at every team, we're all level 5 except 1 team who is level 8. Now although the team was eliminated in the quarters thats besides the point. 3 whole levels above every other participating team, where is the logic I ask?


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    Hey Michael, I don't agree with the system too. For 3 seasons in row I was in Champions League with teams who had a better level then me and is really hard to fight with them because most of them are 6,7 and even 8 stars.

    After some levels this is gonna be some normal because there are not enough teams to create a league or cup/cl but sometimes the game is doing this on propose and isn't the best thing. I am not a fan of this system at all.

    I would rather agree with bot teams then this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PricopGeorgeCătălin View Post

    I would rather agree with bot teams then this.
    Vote for Khris suggestion, if not enough teams, the 5th and 6th can have a CL spot. Then, more players happy.