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Thread: So I bought a Scout Player !

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    So I bought a Scout Player !

    1. Why?
    - I was convinced by people here that scout players are actually worth their cost.
    - I want to know once in lifetime the feeling of having a scout player in my squad.
    - I have too many tokens and i have no idea what to use them (don't get me wrong, im not token buyer, just farmer).

    - I want to have a Shadow Striker player in my team, thinking he would be able to settle down a difficult match with his long-range goals.
    - It's kinda painful to bid against my rivals for fast young 18 YO players, there are too many headhunters out there who focus on getting young and super expensive players from the auction market. Today i was looking for two players who train very fast, then they ended up be sold with 39, and 41 rounds of knock-out.
    - I also want to strength my MVP position, which is AML/AMR.

    2. The player's profile.
    - Name: Cristiano Ronaldo (it's not his original name of-course!)
    - Age: 24
    - Quality: 43 (scout)
    - Special Ability: Shadow Striker
    - Position: AMR
    - Cost: Cash + 56 Tokens.

    3. Performance

    It's too soon to evaluate his abilities, but he's got first match in my club, scored one goal with his "spetacular long shot" - so said the commentator, AND, made one guy from the opp team to get red card and gained a penalty for my team (sounds pretty much like real CR7 to me)

    And i used 30% training on him, he gained 29% skill point only, after a match of getting 9.0 rating, he gained 90% skill point.

    4. Question
    - Should i regret my desicion? I mean of course i can find a player with same age, same SA, and a little lower in quality in transfer market? Just not right now...

    - 24 Year old and 43Q, can he keep up with his scout class for 3 seasons? Anyone who has the same level of scout player can tell me, can i get him to 7 stars just by normal matches (not by extra training)?

    - If you can choose one option from those 2, which one you're gonna pick? First, to wait few days for 18 YO fast train player, then use a lot of green pack to train him to 6 stars and Shadow Striker. Second, instantly buy a scout like the above at the very beginning of the season?

    Thanks for reading, and thanks even more if you're responsing

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    if you have many tokens and don't know what to do with them i suggest you to buy some condition packs and train the hell outta some fast trainers, it's gonna be worth it, scout players can be very good or very bad, it is more like a lottery when you pick a scout player
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    If you need a 2nd coach for the team I'm free

    The thing is, despite the stars level, the player have internal %'s of effectiveness, and this game is made to make you work and coach, not to buy a team full of 6* and recive a automatic victory per match.

    Is worth a player Scout level? depend, I've bought many... near 40 maybe? in all my career and there are 3 types,,,,
    the Key players, that can win the 70% of a title they alone, these who score and appear in every match or the 95%.. and that... usually I found 1 player like this per season,, and is a ST or MC,,
    Then the acceptable players, that, or assist/sscore 1 time x2 matches been ST/MC and too if we count the defenders, help, and, sometimes too, been MCs help in defense during matches more than some DC..
    And the player type Djibril Cissé that I had last year or so.... ST, 26 matches, 3 goals.

    Worth or not, depend of what you see after test the player. And tests include, test a player for corners and for fouls, that is something that can help a lot, for example my best scorer 2 seasons ago was the MC Pavel Nedved, that scored many goals from foul.

    Then, as all teams have better and worst players, in internal quality terms, the only things you can do to create advantadge in anticipation terms, is to train the phisical stats, because the effectiveness in % of goals scored per shoot, is more a thing with a limit style min./max. internally proggrammed, that can be slighly increased maybe adding cones in shooting and so, but the impact is higher adding your cones with the idea to increase the speed. Thats how I deleted 9* teams in Cup.
    Good luck.

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    Scouts are good I'm level 18 now and always buy at least one every season, not planning to do on this one now, but they take long to get on the peak of a player and they never the best if powertrain a youngsters u might get a match winner and this kind of player can win titles for you.
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    During my career in top eleven, i have bought 4, 2ST, 1AMC, 1 MC

    The worst was the AMC with shadow striker, did not make the diference you expect! end up selling it after some seasons.

    All the other 3were super stars, top scorers and assisters, season after season, and i keep them until the retirement, always with good stats.
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    No scouts are worth the cost IMO

    train a youngster instead, they perform just as well, and they are competitive for a longer timespan. And with the new prices 69 Tokens its just a waste
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    When you got a scout and you don't do powertraining, you'd want to build a team around him!

    My tips:

    A single AMC is extremely vulnerable to a pair of DMLR. You may want to use MLR pair with red arrows, or use two AMCs when you face formations with DMLR.

    When used as a captain, always keep his morale at green. Even for a good and proven captain, low morale on the captain is risky and could cause major disarray. Generally, you can ignore everyone else's morale but not the players assigned as captain.

    I strongly advise that up field players to evenly invest skill points and not focused. Although attack points is preferred in many cases, low defense result in cards, and low physical&mental result in greater chance of injury and unstable fluctuations in performance. There can be a trade-off on specific roles (such as a freekick taker could be low defense), but not on key players.

    Make a backup plan in case your key player being suspended. You should at least able to hold a solid defense when your best player is off the pitch.

    Goodluck and have fun
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    my advice are
    -don't train him -at least if you're keep going in Cup and CH.L. and have two games every day
    let him gaining from the games and mom.
    - If he 's gonna be 5* player, then you can give some good training
    -let him kick the penalties and all the free-kicks. F-K sa just gives very few % and most of the times none (and penalties specialist is just useless)
    a good attacker in a good form is more effective than any above.
    -Give the earning sp to attack and M&P. In the beginning, all the scouts and nordgens have almost equal stats so you must enforce those two. I give my wingers 50/50 at attack and M&P.
    -Don't give him the 7*. If he's gonna be 45q (or 46q), it's gonna be difficult to sell him or to have at least a good offer (if you want to sell him). 15sp isn't big deal.

    -It would be better if he had a double position (AMC-AMR or AMR-MR)

    Good luck
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    I like finding rejected scouts on the TL for 1-3T late in the season
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bogdalinho View Post
    if you have many tokens and don't know what to do with them i suggest you to buy some condition packs and train the hell outta some fast trainers, it's gonna be worth it, scout players can be very good or very bad, it is more like a lottery when you pick a scout player
    I have many green packs too ^^, i get 15 packs a day by watching video, but as i said, it's too hard to buy fast trainer in the market, because some crazy token buyers are seeking for those guys and they will fight deseprately to win those bids. All i can do is to wait when those people have enough youngsters in their quad then it will be my turn

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