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Thread: Advice for first scout

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    Really... this is not my day in T11

    Advice for first scout-injuries.jpg

    3 in a single match.... 6, 5 and 5 days out....
    and of course 2 of them are scouts
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    Quote Originally Posted by nico69 View Post
    Finally this morning the scout list has been updated!
    There are a couple of good players and but want to buy just one, waiting for a good goalie.

    They are:

    GK, age 23, one2one, 6*39
    MC, age 23, playmaker, 6*39

    In my roster I have:

    GK, age 24, 5*31
    GK, age 25, 3*21
    MC, age 22, free kick 4*26
    MC, age 23, dribbling 4*27
    MC, age 25, penalties 4*27
    MC, age 32, free kick 4*29

    Would you suggest who should I buy?


    Now, Nico69, the main question is how you are doing in your competitions and how your team's Average Quality compares to your competition. From your later posts I have learned you are 4th in League and still competing in Championship and Cup? If your team's AQ is similar or higher to the top League teams and your opponents in the other competitions I would not even consider buying scouts. You should save your tokens, focus on tactics and win bonuses.

    If your competion has higher AQ you should spend your money on older higher quality players. Focus on buying young players and scouts in the beginning of a season. Also keep your good local players and train them well. I have a few one star local players, giving me form of 7 to 9 in every game, and plenty of goals.

    Season 1: 4th
    Season 2: 1st, CL win, Cup win
    Season 3 Current: 1st, CL Group leader, Cup out first leg! (didnt pay attention with funny line up...)

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