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Thread: Excess cards!!!

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    Excess cards!!!-2015-12-08-16_26_34-start.jpg

    I guess words are redundant!
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    considering quitting, since nothing is improved for veterans ... nothing and pay to win has become to dominante

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    if you watch your game every time, maybe try this. set the tackle to easy, and in the match, change it to hard or normal.
    i had many games before with playing tackle hard and got at least 2 -3 yellow card each MC need to rotate all the time due to the yellow cards got~
    than i found out that if i set to easy at the beginning, and change it back to hard. i had 4 clean match in row and after that, i got less card even in hard mode.
    not sure will it affect or not, but if your match is not important, try it~

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