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Thread: Scared To Sub

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    Scared To Sub

    It's got to the point now where in a tight game I dare not make a substitution in case I concede. Take my games yesterday for example, along with other recent games. First game is CL last 16. I'm 2-1 up from first leg and my home game to play. I find myself 0-2 down but manage to drag it back to 2-2. 74th min I swap an ST for an AMC.... 76th minute..... 2-3. I lose & exit on away goals after a perfect record in my group & thinking I had a good chance this season.
    My league game later in the day...
    I'm 2nd in the league, playing 2nd bottom. I'm winning 1-0 away from home and although it's quite tight with few chances, I'm thinking I'm on for a victory..... My main ST is having a shocker so in 73rd minute I sub him for another ST...... 74th minute, bang! 1-1. Then to my horror, 76th minute, boom! 2-1..... The score doesn't change so that sub killed my game and chance to go top.
    I will now not sub ever again after 70 mins if I'm winning by one goal unless injury etc.

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    Same thing happened to me in cup match, I was leading by 1-0 until 70th min, I sub my MC for another mc, after sub they scored 2 back to back goals and I'm finished.....

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    I have the same feeling with defenders.

    Every time I sub a defender I concede a goal shortly after. Its not like I'm playing with one less defender either, I swap a DC for another DC, or a DL for another DL, but time and time again, once a defender gets subbed I seem to concede.

    It happens so often and so frequently for it to not be a coincidence in my opinion. I've come to the conclusion that its another one of those game bugs, like the double corner and overly frequent troll results.

    Its something that does spoil the game, as it means unless I am 4/5/6 goals up I NEVER sub a defender unless they get injured out of fear of conceding.

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    If u win and have control, keep da team.

    Win and no control or loosing I sub a ST/MC that fail continously or do not appear in the seccond half... in ma club often the subs worked well durin the history. lol