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Thread: Manipulation of League

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    Angry Manipulation of League

    I have a player who manipulates standing of the table in my league. The player has the strongest team in the league. I had to play against him with its correct formation. Against my worst enemy in the table, the 2nd is 1 point behind, he hired a illegalle formation set for tonight's game. Thus, my opponent win easy in the table and flaky hands down. Yesterday, the player has played with a proper formation.

    Can you do something about this kind of cheaters?

    My Team: FC Scholtinho
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    Manipulation of League-aufstellung-gegen-2.-platzierten.jpg  
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    I understand you may be frustrated. But this player is just tanking. So, he probably wanted to make sure he was not going to finish in the top 7. And after that was (almost) secured, he came back with correct tactics to try and save some blue packs. When I tanked some season ago I did the same and, I must confess it (pitty on me !) I nevertheless tried to annoy the leader by playing my best team agaisnt him. But at the end, you won. So, no harm done !

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    Yep... the "illegal" formation is to tank, I too do it.

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    Yes Gizzmo I have done the same many moons ago. I think that many players have done the same, fun isn't it, especially when you beat a top team.
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    yeah, two of my teams staying in the same league this season.
    When I feel that I secure 9-10th position, I play a "normal" game, to raise the moral of the players, to win the boosters and to test my team vs the good teams of the league.

    Manipulation of League-league-play-igor.jpg
    Manipulation of League-league-d21.jpg

    Manipulation of League-league-vs-2nd-team.jpg
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    I can understand when I'm so far back in the league, that I will no longer give full power. But I can not understand why I deliberately my formation that my opponent has possession 80:20 and these can simply shoot me.
    Why can't he just play fair by all against?
    When i play normal, so i can win all boosters and test against stronger teams.

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    Well official even tanking is counted by the developers as "exploit" and is forbidden but unfortunately we can't offer you the right support to handle this but I can redirect you to the support team, you can contact them at

    Good luck and best regards!
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    I was advised that there is no code of conduct of Top Eleven when I complained that some teams used illegal formation against selected teams only. Then I know this is reality that I have to accept if I play this game. But that doesn't mean that I am no longer angry about those managers of those teams.

    I understand that a lot of managers sometimes or often want to tank. There is no perfect solution to ensure fairness in such cases. In my opinion, at the moment they decided to tank, they ought to consistently use similar approach to play for remaining matches.

    T11 is just a game. It may not be appropriate to talk about sportsmanship. Moreover, in fact many areas of this game are even more unfair. If you like playing, it is ok and should be accept.