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Thread: Win bonuses

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    Win bonuses

    So I've been researching win bonuses... And people seem to be split on the whole thing being vital or useless... But I have a more basic question. Is the bonus number PER player or just a total team wide bonus?

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    Win bonuses are extremely important, I've just killed a giant (tho' I lose money). Important since I wanna win the league.
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    Win bonuses are huge.

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    win bonus is one of the unsolved mysteries of nordeus
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    This season i'm going to try and go the first half of the season with no win bonus in league and get to cup round of 16 on the min bonus. I've had most success using it when I was slowly increasing it game to game as the season progressed. Not bouncing it up and down at whim. If I'm mid table after 8 games tho, I'm putting at least half bonus against higher teams. I'm not getting fifth again this season.
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    You pay the bonus to the whole team only if you win the match.
    Is good, by my viewpoint, game have matches with better or worst scenario, and it helps to give stability to more % of matches.
    Is like if you play all season with 50% of condition or 100%.
    With 50% maybe you will win a lot but in some punctual cases teh differance will overcome you and the condition will make this slightly differance that can help, bonus is just the sam, one of these little multiple things that affect the matches.

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    I always put bonus to max, except for friendly, bonus only at level 1.

    Simple logic, why I must save money since money become useless at high level