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Thread: Your best players

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    Your best players

    I see in a lot of profile, players who show screen of your best players, who score 100 goals in 80 matchs etc etc
    i never had player like that and i m level i have a question : where do you find this players ??? transfer market ? scout player ? negociation ?? others ????? and why did you choose this player ?? just lucky ?
    i need explication
    thanks you

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    For my teams, such players existed in low levels.

    When I took over a level one teams, its average quality was around 4 star. This was similar to other teams and sufficient to compete. In the teams, there were a lot of young players who might be in middle or low 4 star. Their quality is sufficient to support them as key players in those teams. As the deviation of strength was large in low levels, these key players could easily score a lot of goals. As these players were fast trainers, they could be top players for many seasons. In case, a team cannot promote in some seasons (I never encounter this), these players may even play for a few more seasons. All these conditions can help to develop such brilliant careers.

    However, as the players in your example is 100 goals in 80 matches, this may achieve in about 3 to 4 seasons. This is quite a short term. May be some power training is necessary.

    Sorry that I actually have no ideas to develop such players in your levels except for investing on tokens are power training.
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    I always get an academy striker, train him with Free Kick ability up to 6* and the Man of the Match awards keep his level in line with promotion.
    My all time top score with 550 goals was like that, and my striker now with 418 goals has been with me since he was 18 as well.