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Thread: More Cup Heartbreak

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    More Cup Heartbreak

    First two cup seasons I lose to heartbreak. My team was stronger than my opponents, I had more possession, more shots, mostly on target and still end up losing. Both times. Is this a theme with this game to make cups more 'exciting?'

    I don't seem to have trouble in league, and I'm certain I played the right style. I also watched the game when my opponent didn't and had two other people support me. And had a stronger team. Still lost 1-0. Almost exact same thing as first season. Wow.

    Please tell me this isn't programmed 'fun.'

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    Sorry mate, we don't have enough info to have an opinion about your situation.
    If you could post some pictures from your games (stats, teams, formations) ?
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    Heartache, heartbreak, all over the town (signifying the 50% of the TE population who dropped out in Round 1 of Cup)
    But something flipped like a switch when you, came around (the new desktop version)
    And I'm in pieces, pick me up and put me together.... (the new training menu is more complex than the Da Vinci Code decipher process)

    I have said this before, Cups should be one-legged. Do. Or. Die. BTW try to not let go of the 0T academy players, they're good for lowering the quality.
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