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Thread: Crappy academy kids

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    Crappy academy kids

    I'm currently at level 12. All from the start I have built my arena to the limit, with all possible facilities, including the youth academy. And still, each time it hatches some new boys it's like 1 four-star and 1 two-star player.
    Now, why should I spend 15-20 tokens on a four-star player when I can (usually) get a five-star player on the transfer market for two-three tokens? Yes, I admit they cost money, but money is always, to me, a lesser problem than tokens.
    I wonder when all that money I spent on building my youth academy will really start to pay off.
    Anyone has an idea about this? Thanks.

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    You´re correct they´re not worth the tokens forget them & buy an 18 year old Norgen fast trainer from the transfer list.
    The only thing I can think of is that the youth player should be an average of your squad quality ?

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    Only if you have like 24 tokens and 75 green packs to waste, a young player will be worth buying for your main squad. They usually play well and you can you can keep them 6 stars for 4 seasons and 4/5 stars for two more with little effort. A player that lasts 6 seasons for 24T, 0M and plays well is a good investment.

    21T players are worthless, release.
    18T players are worthless, release.
    15T players are worthless, release.

    12T players about to move to next level: worth buying, keep him 1 year and give him a SA. It can give you good money on the negotiations market 12 tokens for 130M is a good deal. But this was all before, now they've screwed up your trainings and now it's impossible to know exaclty when is the player 1 skillpoint away from the next level.
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