Okay, I lied, I have 19/24 Drills Unlocked (I am trying to level up existing ones I use alot for extra training bonus, which seems more efficient).

Anyway, I still hope this helps people decide which new drills to unlock.

Let me know if any of you guys have the final few.

Complete Drills List-screenshot-2016-02-18-10.10.26.jpgComplete Drills List-screenshot-2016-02-18-10.12.40.jpgComplete Drills List-screenshot-2016-02-18-10.12.51.jpgComplete Drills List-screenshot-2016-02-18-10.12.58.jpgComplete Drills List-screenshot-2016-02-18-10.13.07.jpgComplete Drills List-screenshot-2016-02-18-10.13.13.jpgComplete Drills List-screenshot-2016-02-18-10.13.20.jpg