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It is fine if T11 still show SA training progress e.g. as percentage. However, can you change your mind to switch training progress back to other contribute before SA training is completed?

In old version, special ability SA takes 40 or 50sp to complete. That is, about 2.5 to 3 quality points. If the player is not a fast trainer, it is really a long time. I think it is hard to identify fast trainer in new version now. Good luck.

I do not train players for SA unless I want to keep them in negotiation list. My primary reason is lacking trust on contribution of SA. Moreover, when my teams was in low level, cash was one of the problem. I don't like the fact that players do not gain market value after getting a SA. At high level, this is no longer a problem because nothing really have impact on market values of players.
It shows a progression towards the SA by listing how many skill points out of the target (50?) your player has earned.

And yes, you can pause it and switch player to normal training.