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Thread: why do my players always miss the goal?

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    why do my players always miss the goal?

    * The other day, I was playing a much worse team than mine and he got his goalie injured. For 30 minutes he played with an outfielder in goal - my team managed to get 0 shots on goal.
    It wasn't until very late in the game when my team managed to get shots on target. They ended up hitting the goal 4 times out of 12, but had only 2 shots on target from the 10 first shots.

    The next day, my team fired 19 shots and got just 4 on target. Luckily three of them went in.
    The second game that day, my team had 1 shot on goal during the first 81 minutes despite shooting 8 times.

    Then came today's two games. In the first game, I managed to win 4-0 after two very late goals. Before those two goals, my team managed to get 3 of 12 shots on target. 2 of them were luckily goals. Not until the 79th minute (when my opponent got his 3rd injury) did my team start hitting the goal. In the final 11 minutes my players hit goal 7 times on 8 shots.

    And in my final game for today, my players got a magnificent 1 shot on goal in 8 attempts. This shot on goal came at the end of the game, after I had already received two red cards (despite easy tackling).

    All my opponents have been much weaker than me and I have used counter-formations to try and beat them. Also, I have had more possession than every one of my opponents - yet every one of them (except one) fired more shots, and had more shots on target, than me.
    What is happening? Why are my players unable to hit the goal and how come my opponents has more shots than me despite being weaker and despite me using counter-formations?
    How can i make them start hitting the goal?

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    Last season, my top striker scored 32 goals in 43 matches. So far this time, he has 1 in 10.

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