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    Angry This game is .....

    Well I crashed out of semis in cl that was acceptable cause I lost to a better opponent but how the hell do I lost in cup final had a rating of 106 over a 90 opponent still....
    This game is only meant for the fuckng money bags who buy tokens if u wanna win buy tokens........ I will win the league though am six points

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    This game is .....-screenshot_2016-04-28-17-46-40.jpg

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Name:	Screenshot_2016-04-28-17-46-40.jpg 
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ID:	65971how can this team loose to

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    This team..... I can't explain if anyone could please tell
    ...This game is .....-screenshot_2016-04-28-17-49-37.jpg

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    1) Formation/counter-formation - they played 3W-4-1-2, you should have countered with 4-1-2-1-2 Narrow Diamond and hit them through the middle.
    2) Condition - if that was the condition after the match then they must have been tired before the match.
    3) Just because you spend money doesn't mean you win every match. If you haven't spent money then you made a good team from nothing - I can't see anything in the fragment of the opposition team that indicated that they're a big money-spender.

    Presumably the expletives in the heading and your overall attitude means you're quitting - goodbye...
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    Looks very like your team was in very low condition & low moral at the start of the match ?
    I you don´t prepare & go in half arsed what do you expect.
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    I'm sorry you lost the cup final.

    With late KO round fixtures, I always assume the opponent is going on max (or near max) w/ morale and condition.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shivam Chaudhary View Post
    Well I crashed out of semis in cl that was acceptable cause I lost to a better opponent but how the hell do I lost in cup final had a rating of 106 over a 90 opponent still....
    This game is only meant for the fuckng money bags who buy tokens if u wanna win buy tokens........ I will win the league though am six points clear with a match to go.......
    Fucking imbecile mourinho and so is his game
    Patience is the key to success. Season after season we've failed to catch up the leaders ever, and we're now 4 times runner up in 9 seasons. But still I haven't given up. Someday we'll win the league, but don't know when. This season too is over, as the leaders now have a 8 point lead with 2 games to go.

    But yes, I have 2 Cups and a CL. Not many successful managers in this forum can boast of even 1 Cup, so I take pride in that.
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    LOL~ 11 season passed... i only won 1 CUP... and i am always facing very strong team... (LV11 in LV16 CUP..... last season i am in LV15 CUP) but i still can went to semi-final~ ^^~

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    There are many possible explanations for bad outcomes. Some might be due to managerial errors including the use of improper tactics, but for sure in some cases there is something else involved. I have seen a lot of 'nonsense' happening in this game. I have also observed trends, and also indications showing how things have been decided that your team won't be favoured.

    Don't think that if you spend money buying tokens, you will have more 'success' in this game. You might have well bought a lot tokens and have a worst season than you had. This game has some things programmed in it so that money can be 'extorted' from users. I have bought a lot of tokens last year (2015), and I have observed a lot of bad things. I highly suspect that there are things in this game so that certain users are identified as potential targets.This also explains why some users that did not made any purchase or did not made a purchase since a very long time did not experience certain things.

    I already quit this game once in 2015 after having experienced many unacceptable things. Some of things had repeated in this season. I have posted several things concerning this game. You can read and make your own deductions.

    After all that I have seen, there is no way I am going to spend more money in this game. It is much better to use this money for something else. I am already considering whether I should quit again. The way this game functions, has hurt a lot of people. Those that lost a lot of tokens in bids in the auction market may have been affected in real life (sadness, depression and so on). The important matches that users should not have lost too, that is where they had superior tactics and quality, have hurt them too.

    This game is far from being a proper football management simulation game. It is a game based mostly on business. There are surely a lot of business ploys or strategies in this game. This game can be compared a lot to casino games. There are also some unfair things in this game, for instance a user having significantly more offers than another user. I, for instance, I never had a token or a pack from offers since I started playing this game, while others users can earn as 50-100 packs daily.

    The best advice I would give someone concerning this game is to stop playing it. If you can't, due to your weaknesses, for example addiction, at least limit the effort, time and money you spend on this game. While this game might be fun, especially at the beginning, it is also a source of annoyance and worry. In playing this game, you might be penalising yourself and also contributing into other people's sufferings. Also, you will be contributing to something that seems to be bad as whole.

    I have contributed a lot to this forum. From now on, I will no longer contribute in any way that it benefits Nordeus. It would be bad to help something bad succeed.
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    Hi Tactician

    As you know, we already discussed that with you some weeks ago. Again, you make some affirmations with no data to back them, rather than your own experience. While your experience in Top Eleven and many situations involving the game may be big or huge, that doesn't mean there's an evil plan to make you perform this or that other action, or a specific even to happen here and there.

    The game engine that simulates matches couldn't be more far away from a casino game. There are no prefixed outcomes or results, there are only variables being taken into account during the simulation. Again, the fact that you don't understand why something happened doesn't mean the system is rigged or has an evil plan to hurt you.

    Sorry but comparing an auction being lost with a real disease like depression is totally out of line. When you say "this game has hurt a lot of people", do you have anything to back this up? How many people you know has been hurt by Top Eleven? This is a game and you are playing against others, auction system works that way, sometimes you will win, sometimes others will, that's how it is. Like on any other games where you are playing against other real players, you can lose (auctions and matches) and there's nothing wrong with that.

    Top Eleven is enjoyed every day by milions of players around the World. If you don't have fun with it or if frustrates you, that's okay, nobody is forcing you to play, but don't pretend everybody gets depressed when they lose a match or an auction, and "you're contributing to people's suffering" by playing a game that "has hurt a lot of people", come on Tactician

    Top Eleven is a football manager game a lot of people have fun playing with, we see it every day and they tell us every day. And we keep improving it to make it better and more fun to play, collecting and taking into account users' feedback.

    As I was saying, I get it, you don't like it, it frustrates you. That's not the goal and the purpose of Top Eleven and I can undertand why you feel that way. And regarding to this, if I can do anything to help you understand why something happens in the game, you just have to ask, I will do my best.

    I've read the thread where you explain what happened to you with injuries. If you look at real football, you will see teams facing similar problems on specific seasons, and then on other seasons, these teams face almost no injuries. This season has been terrible for you regarding injuries, you had a lot, an awful amount of them -btw, we're collecting data about this too-. Let me ask: how was the last season regarding injuries? And 2 seasons ago? And 3 seasons ago? Is this something that happened to your team every season or just this season? Do you really think the game has a plot to award your players a yellow card so you won't get a treatment at the end of the match so you won't be able to heal your injuried players, as I read in that thread? That's way off the line, really.

    Even 100% fit players can get injuried in real life, just the chance is much smaller than if they were not. And any team can have 1 injury per match during 3 consecutive matches. In real life and in Top Eleven. Have you seen Madrid recently? They got Benzema injuried, then on the next match, Cristiano was injuried too. Benzemá returned in the next match, and got injuried again. Is there a plot against Madrid or it's just that injuries happen in football?

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