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Thread: Bonuses and Orders during Live Match

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    Bonuses and Orders during Live Match

    I wonder if anybody noticed any effect of turning on the extra bonus, available when you watch live match in the new version. I did not notice any. Turning on attacking bonus did not make anyone attack more intensively, the opponent's team scored their only goal exactly when I had defending bonus on, not before or after, and with possession bonus on the possession bar was pretty much where it was without it.

    Same, by the way, as I never noticed any impact of changing from attack to defense, or pressure, or anything in the live orders I give during the match. At some point my team seems to go into more viciously attacking mode for a while, and at some point another team does - this is visible. But my orders don't seem to have any effect on the play, except, perhaps, faster or slower decline of the condition.. Wondering if others will agree.

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    Based on several observations, the effect may be random. That is, the switch is a random switch rather than a logic switch. The same could be said for orders. But this is not confirmed 100%. Let's say it is around 50/50 so far.
    So for some games, you might see it is working like expected, and for other games it will appear to fail or not working at all.

    If its not random, then there is something else influencing the game so much in some cases that changes in orders or in bonuses don't appear make a significant impact so as to change the course of a game or the final outcome.
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    About extra bonus from training, I didn't notice either to my team, but some times I noticed that to my opponents.
    I had the impression that they used the attack bonus and sometimes for sure, the possession bonus.
    I had a better q team, playing home, watching the game and many friends to support me but still the ball possession was about equal.
    Some minutes later the balance changed, probably because the time finished.

    About orders yes, I 've seen many times the effect in a game.
    A bad scenario
    - I 'm starting with defense, opponent scores, I switch to attack and oppo scores again as he 's playing defense/counter attacks.
    Same thing of course I 'm using too
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    It's hard to judge what effect these things have. It's impossible to know what would have happened it you didn't hit that button, and they are only small additional bonuses - so they may not even make any difference to the game anyway.

    As far as tactics are concerned, again it's difficult to see whether you made a change that helped, because without scientific conditions you'll never know what would have happened if you didn't. I have made changes in game, and won, but who knows if I was set to win anyway!?