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Thread: Season 79 - Are you ready?

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    Season 79 - Are you ready?-image.jpg
    Season 79 - Are you ready?-image.jpg

    Through to the next round of the cup & 3 late goals for 3 points in the league

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    There are times when a manager is more critical than his assistant.

    Season 79 - Are you ready?-32end.jpg

    Biggleswade is out of cup. DL and MoM Caurant scored twice.

    Season 79 - Are you ready?-cup.jpg

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    3-2 in cup win and qualifying for the next round

    3-1 in league and #1 is reserved

    I have noticed that when your defense/attack/possession bonus is low you get weak performance during match or even a hard win

    they should be at least 8% before every game which needs alot of green packs to have the bonus 8% everyday especially if you play 2 matches everyday
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    trying to stay close to the top
    Season 79 - Are you ready?-league-d8.jpg
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    So you want that 8th ranking team stay there forever, correct? LOL

    Quote Originally Posted by nikolgiorgos View Post
    trying to stay close to the top
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Another early exit from the cup. I knew I'd be out. My team never performs well during the second game of the day. So when I saw that my cup game was the second game of the day, I knew I'd lose (away leg was 1:1 draw). Maybe they're discouraging keeping a short bench. I've noticed morale drops a lot. In another game, i had a player start as superb morale and score 4 goals... After the game, he was yellow morale. I'm actually glad to have less games. Won't have to condition my team as much.

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    Made it through to the next round in Cup comp and had another draw today in the league, erratic form in the league I must say.
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    Crazy games Part 33: Sometimes games get to exciting for taste. I have CL match. Quality wise I am way better then my advisary. I have won all my CL games so far, so this shouldn't be a real problem. Within 20 minutes I am 0-1 ahead in my away match. Good. A lot of green ratings. My midfield is already at a 8,7 rating. Game progresses and I get lots of chances but no score. My advisary has 6 shots and 1 on goal but at least he doesn't score. 84th minute. He gets a corner and ..... SCORE! 1-1. Oh my, are we getting trolled by Nordeus? 86th minute. He gets a free kick. His FK specialist is getting ready to take the shot.

    No way this is going to happen. I am at 20 shots and 11 on target and he is at 10 shots and 2 on target. My ratings are 1,5 higher then his. Will I really loose this??? His specialist takes the shot and.......... hits my living wall. Phew. Still a 1-1 is not bad. Another animation. Ah Corner for me in th 89th minute and...... SCORE!!!!! 1-2. His 4 star goalie made 8 saves for crying out loud and still only scored a 7.0. Nice going Nordeus.
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    Season 79 - Are you ready?-image.jpgSeason 79 - Are you ready?-image.jpg

    Incredible. Win Min did me a favour by beaten Thomas! We have a chance to top the group now

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    Have I been sleeping or is this a new feature ? video for training bonus?

    Season 79 - Are you ready?-2016-05-11-16_33_17-start.jpg
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