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Thread: change tactic game by game?

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    change tactic game by game?

    Do you change your tactic depending on your opponent?

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    yes but not dramatically
    for example , I 'm playing 4-5-1V but in next game oppo playing 4-4-2 ND or 4-3MC-3ST
    maybe I 'll go with a 3DC +1DMC +3MC + AML/R +ST

    But I won't start playing 4-4-2 ND or 4-3MC-3ST.
    Still I 'm gonna use my wingers.
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    No, I prefer to let my opponent worry about me rather than the other way round. Let them counter my formations. I will always use a DMC if they have an AMC however, that's my only concession. It's served me well.

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    no.... i don't even change anything in my formation or style in the past 12 season.... LOL and i won 12 league and 11 CL tilte... (only lost last season CL final to my friend...) LOL

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    I usually do not change tactic of my team at the start of a match but often change it during match.

    However, I often change my formation in different matches. I have full squad and many versatile players that I can easily change formation and tactic before and during a match. So I often slightly change my formation to counter different opponents.

    If I have small squad and lack versatile player, I suggest not changing formation and place players in their desired position. I think 4-4-2 is good formation for teams which do not change formation.
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    As I always say counter opponent weakness so I change some formations but aml,amr,st are fixed for every game.
    I just rotate in defense not change whole formation.
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    No, nevah, I move things and not all, just are little changes and movements of positions during the matches if needed, or change to a 2nd group of orders but no more.

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    I mostly stick to the same formation and tactics all season, and some tactical changes in game.
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