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Thread: Friendlies

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    What's people's opinions on Friendlies? Pros? Cons?

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    I use them at the beginning of the new season. I think, the squad starts better, if they have some pratice.
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    You can play friendlies to test your tactics,capablity and some packs.You also earn cash lol
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    To test players, if you face a full 1* team you will oversize the skills of your players and you will see who are these who can give you more contribution, these who can be more decisive... then I use these to find ma man for corners and the one to pick freekicks (despite that last seasons I tend more to use the own league games and if one fail continously I change the player for this labour...), then too for boosters, and money.

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    as people said above, just to add few things
    - if you 're low lv, you can't earn some good money from friendlies because your stadium is small and the ticket price you must set to have fans, is much much lower than your official games. If you have a stadium lets say 100 K' (or more), it's a good source for getting extra money.
    - The calculations in friendlies, is a lot different than official games. You can play with a team 10 levels above or bellow and get a draw .
    - If you have a friend in your league and set a friendly to test your formation for a next official game, you just can't have any conclusions from that.
    - You can earn some extra packs but if you have an injury then you 'll spend them
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