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Thread: Is Top11 Cup or Champions League more prestigious ?

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    Is Top11 Cup or Champions League more prestigious ?

    I suspect Cup is more prestigious due to a wide range of teams competing , but sometimes there are more teams in lower leagues than you, which makes the Cup looks less tough than Champions League whereby the teams are in same league level.

    This question I feel is important as it determines the level of attention and resources that you want to channel into a certain competition due to limited time and resources.

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    Cup usually has two faces
    a rather easy one
    an impossible one
    * depending from the quality draw

    so CH.L. is more prestigious but not as the treble.
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    I have to add something in here too .. as the cup has 128 players and the CL has only 32..
    I find cup more valuable

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    Yep, the treble is the one to get.
    If your team is strong enough to walk the CL and League then the chances are the Cup will be close to impossible. Weakening your team to make the Cup easier and then the CL starts to look like an uphill task.
    Getting that balance is a real test.
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    I'll say the CL is most prestigious (only one won), followed by league (en route to win the first ever), then the Cup (en route to win the 3rd). I'm level 10.
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    Hard to say because as you can see the opinions are very divided. For example for me is League and not those but if I have to choose I would go for Champions League.

    Champions League is only between Top Teams from their league that makes it more valuable then CUP who is between random teams.
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    To me it's CL, league and then cup at last place.. in the first few seasons it looked like it's cup cuz I had lots of teams from higher levels and prizes were 3 times bigger than in CL, but now when I'm at level 15 it's not like that anymore.. prize for reaching cup final is now lower than 10mln for me, even highest win bonus for players cost me more than I get from that final lol..

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    CL because the Cup give market advantadge to lower quality teams that tend to, face teams of lower level... so... cup many times is won for these teams +2-3 levels than you that can not reach the top 4 because his quality is exactly the same as the teams, of -3 or 4 levels....

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    BTW, I think the Association Gold Trophy is a very prestigious trophy in its own right, akin to the World Cup, since it involves many players from different clubs banding together in one Association to fight for the Trophy,

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    I always found the CL to be very easy (at least until now, level 13). I had 5 finals, 3 wins and the other 2 I didn't care too much, lot's of 3rd places and semifinals at least.
    Same for the league, I only rank below the 2nd position because I only want to rack up packs or money.
    The cup has been my real struggle, but now I've won 2 in a row.

    The treble seems much harder, I could have won one but lost the cup final to penalty kicks. Seeing as it's a lot harder now, I'm still regretting it.
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