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    Is cheating possible?

    Hi im new manager. In my level 3 now. Recently i found out there some manager cheating and he is from vietnam. My question is if it possible and nothing being made hence i wouldnt spend my time here. If cheaters is certainly being bann then i would like to continue. Damn you cheaters. Thank you. Sorry if this has been answered many time.

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    Yeah it has been answered many times but there's no harm on repeating the explanation

    1) This is the most important point: There's no way for a Top Eleven user to know if another manager is cheating or not. There are much more users who purchase tokens than you would think. A team with many good quality players also does not proof anything.

    2) The big majority of cases being reported are not really cheaters. Users think they are facing a cheater, when they are not most of the times.

    3) We have daily automations who scan our servers looking for suspicious activties and raise flags in case of any problem

    4) If you suspect that another user may be a cheater, the best way to have it checked is to contact Support. To do that, simply click the question mark button "?" in your Top Eleven app, next to the Settings button, and report the user. We check ALL reports

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    A new manager many times can make some mistakes (or cannot recognize some situations of the game - like "tanking" or a manager who did a "take over").
    So EggertKaz, it's good to give us some more info-characteristics of that profile.
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    How would they cheat?

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    You can literally pay for it