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Thread: Is this bad sportsmanship, cheating or fair play?

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    Is this bad sportsmanship, cheating or fair play?

    I am in a competitive league, a number of teams on and around 100% quality (only level 8), with one team with over 120% quality who is leading and probably will win.

    Every win is important, every loss to an opponent is important.

    There is a game tonight (Brisbane Australia time 11:30pm) between the top ranked team (120+% quality) vs the 4th rank team (97% quality). Both teams i think are friends as they are often supporting each other in their respective matches.

    I am currently 3rd on the table, only 2 points ahead of 4th by the way, so yes i do have a vested interest in the outcome of this match.

    When i looked at the upcoming fixture, the top guy has put all of his reserves and training players who are all 1 star players into to his line up. So instead of being a 120% vs 97% match up, it is now a 18% vs 97%.

    Attached his bench for this match and the teams starting line up.
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    I think this is helping, not really fair, but allowed

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    Obviously two friends with the strongest helping the weakest win the second position. Clearly legal and realistic. How did you end up in this kind of competitive league? I am level 5 and till now I only meet abandoned teams and max 4 star teams in the leagues. Do you also have friends in the league?

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    This is not fair but you cannot call it cheating.
    By the way, it is a wise decision from him to bench those players and switch to French ones!!
    Sorry for that but still celebrating !!!
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    Is this bad sportsmanship, cheating or fair play?
    I could say that it isn't fair, blah blah blah
    but let me be heretic
    TE isn't athletic game or real football.
    It's a managerial/ strategy more than sports.
    So alliances, friends or not friends playing together, maybe helping each other (or maybe being in the same asc. group), well all are a part of the game.
    Happened to me many times, other managers who are together in the league or the other competitions offer me "friendship".
    Some times I accept, some others I reject, I 'm thinking pros and cons and decide.
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    LOL, I actually bought a Champions League final to complete my first treble in the game. It was against a friend of mine, we helped each other and just as Nikolgiorgos, despite this is not moral at all this is not real life football and is more about strategies. If you have the ability to help somebody you might do it because you never know when you might get something back in return from that friend you helped before.
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