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Thread: Speaking of bizarre results...wait what?

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    Speaking of bizarre results...wait what?

    Never seen such a crushing comeback, considering Bayram also took the lead in the away match. Then everything changed in the second half...
    Ball possession was also in favor of Alahly in the first leg. What? o_O

    Speaking of bizarre results...wait what?-cl1.jpgSpeaking of bizarre results...wait what?-cl2.jpg
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    That was a game of two halves. Poor fellow maybe he used the wrong match bonus

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    This happened to me before in CUP. I won the first leg with 2:1. I was a little bit weaker than my opponent. His quality was about 40 back then. I was almost 40.
    Neither of us watched the first game. However, in the second leg, I won the game with a 10:0. Neither of us watch the game too.

    Well, I guess this just because he had already quit the game. He is now 43.4 quality in lvl8. I am 43.5 in lvl5. His rank is 13 in his league.

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    take for granted of the first leg score thinking its game over.
    nearly happened to me today. first leg i won 3-0, dont bother to watch the game and dont even care of the team condition as my team is much superior. so the result i'm lucky to drew 2-2 was trailing 0-2 at half time.( lesson learn.
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    I had a similar situation too.
    It was a season i was tanking and in the first leg I forgot or didn't have the time to set my team so I had my crap players with a bad formation.
    In the 2nd leg I set my good team , watch the game and won it with a higher G.D.
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    I'm pretty sure this is not a mistake or something random and if this is then is creepy as hell (unless you are an atheist and nothing is creepy for you).

    Have you checked their teams? I've actually started to notice more and more similar cases with your and is a logical explanation behind. I've seen similar cases on these guys who use low quality players to decrease their team quality, sometimes they forgot the bad ones in the first eleven and yea, **** happens
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    RANDOM- I looking at you son of a b***h!

    Come on guys i know some of us will never learn, but Random is real deal!