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Thread: A big chance I'm stupid, but

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    confirm club date joined and manager date still the same as i started.

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    there are two scenarios

    he probably lvl 17 manager taking over lvl 3 team
    2) so best possibility this lv 17 is coming back from his hibernate.

    I thought they'd removed the 'new team' option from 'play_old' as it was incompatible with the new version and Associations..
    yes, even in old version there isn't that option anymore.

    Example :
    Another team I have, TIGRAN, it's over a year old, reached lv5, started form the beginning 2-3 times, won the treble and now it's in lv1 (and gonna stay there for some more seasons).

    I 'm active with daily log in, earning 35T every season, exchanging daily gifts, earning some extras like from redeem codes (like the one from asc. video or the compensation from asc. problems - even if it doesn't participate in a FA group ).
    If some time I 'll decide to be competitive again, I 'm gonna make a strong team (as I gathered a lot of sources) and when some new players gonna face my team, they 'll think that probably it's a bug or some cheating - LOL

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    Take over, for sure.

    Remember that one thing is the level of manager ( = best level you've reached with a club) , and another the club level, that if one did a take over the last season that was avaliable, can be L3, or less due tanking.

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