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Thread: another sign in problem.please help.

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    another sign in problem.please help.

    i logged out of my acc and the next time i was logging in it ask me how i wanna connect and out of curiosity i chose play as guest. now my game center (apple id) is set on my guest acc and the only way to go into my team is through connecting via facebook (which due to regional issues i cant do that without using vpn and i dont want to do that,) is there any way i can connect my acc with my apple id or game center again so i dont have to go through facebook?

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    "I logged out of my acc" your main account goes with what? Facebook, Gmail?

    If Gmail and Facebook is blocked to you and you already used the Play as Guess I don't think so but you can try to contact the support team they are the only one who can help you with this.

    Good luck!
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