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Thread: please help a new

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    please help a new

    until now i read all guides
    from the sticky threads
    and i try to do what it say but no results

    in my league i have the best team !! all my top 11 are 4 and 5 stars
    also i have always the possession like 60-40 even more
    and always the same, am loosing and am getting less shoots than the opponent
    all in all before the games all my players are having over 75% condition and very good morale, also am giving them 2,5k bonus for a win

    until now i was playing
    4-5-1 V and my results was very bad 6 losses 3 Draws 3 wins (include cup)

    a friend of mine in the same group he is playing 3-5-2 and he has all wins !!!

    and here are my questions ...

    1. which is better 4-5-1 flat, 3-5-2, or 4-4-1-1 ????
    2. i have the best players in the league why i cant win ??
    3. i see that a lot of players are having 2 ST. its so important to have 2 ST in the team ??
    4. how does the machine works for the opportunities and the shoots ???
    5. does middle play any role ??

    and last one
    which do you believe formation will work for me ??
    am sending you my squad

    please help a new-1.jpg

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    Let me try to help you :

    1. use 3 dc`s , 1 dmc and switch with 1 amc when the opponent don`t have dmc to block it , ml mc mc mr , 2 st !

    2. formations :


    this formation use it only when the opponent don`t use dmc and it will help you to play offensive,no offside trap ,yes for counter attack,
    on flanks , hole pitch pressing , short passing , zonal marking ...
    Red arrow : ml mr amc and 1 st !
    blue arrow : 3x dc and gk

    when you switch the amc to dmc:


    this formation is to play defensive , no offside trap , with counter attack , on flanks own half pressing , mixed pass , zonal marking
    Red arrow : only st !
    blue arrow :3xdc 2 mc and gk

    P.S. This is only my suggestion and treat it like it and will not guarantee your success but i hope it will work on your team !

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    oh and second think you must do :

    Free kick left & right : select the player list on top attack skills , select the first 4 with the top shot & finish skill and use them !

    corner kick left&right :same attack skills Crossing and pass players with the top skills the first 4 use them !

    penalty kicker : top attack skill from first to 5 or 6 players in the list !

    Captain : mentality top skill player and next to 3 players descending !

    hope you understand and my info is useful

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    i dont have ML

    only good AML/AMF

    if you see in my team
    i have
    very good

    1 ST
    1 MR/AMR
    2-3 MCS

    Thats why ask
    which is better 4-5-1 flat, 3-5-2, or 4-4-1-1 ????
    in order to buy what i need
    also 3-3-2-2 its a formation i can play
    but its good????