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Thread: Advice needed: Should I change formation?

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    Advice needed: Should I change formation?


    Ok, here it goes: I'm currently leading the league, I'm still undefeated in all 3 tournaments so my team is good enough to fight. However, today I play against my chaser in the League,a big game, only a Draw that he had so far is separating us. My team is 85% vs his 78% so pretty close.

    Now, here is my problem, so far match preview tells me he will play 4-5-1V, which is the counter of my beloved 3-4-1-2 (or 4-3-1-2), I have lots of success with my formation playing my beloved AMC tactics, it is build around it. According to the other forum, I can play 3N-2-2MC-3ST to counter 4-5-1V, and I have the players to do it. But should I?? Should I simply keep my usual formation and see what happens and change midgame, or should I play the counter right away?


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    i suggest you start with your 4312 and let the game take effect. only change if you need to.

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    I agree with HairDryer, let your opponent worry about you, not the other way round. Stick with your usual tactics. You can always change things if it goes tits up.

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    Alright, thanks, I will try that.

    Hey, I hope one of you is not that opponent!

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    1-1 draw was the result. My my this was a stressful game. I had my fingers over the screen constantly, wondering if I should change the formation But since I was having better % in all categories I decided to stick with it to the end.
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