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Thread: Live stats refresh?

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    Live stats refresh?

    Haven't been here for a while as I couldn't be bothered to deal with the FB login problem...

    but with two finals coming up I thought I'd want to ask this...

    Is there a way that one could refresh the live game stats during a game in order to get it back to realtime?

    If not it'd be nice for the game designers to introduce such feature...

    Even though I'm only level 5, I have concluded from my experience of having only lost less than 5 games in total since started playing Top11 that ceteris paribus, correctly guessing from live game stats what your opponent's tactics are enables one to win by introducing the corresponding counter tactics.

    However very often I've seen live stats not updating soon enough, e.g. being 0 for the first 30+mins, not updating for half of a game etc... for close games this can decide win or defeat

    So yeah it'd be nice if stats could be updated by say dragging the screen down to refresh that live game or something (but not restarting the game cos that takes too much time...)
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    +1 hope they're improving this. I back out of matches and return to get stats, they're so vital.

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    Agree. It's funny to see people complainig for this and that all the time when these stats are so important. I have to wait half-time to get a clear view of what's going on in my games. Luckily, not much went wrong last season for me.
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