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    The truth, is that, the market should have a system with a limit of rounds... let's say 100, but 100, no more xD

    The better use for Tokens in the end is buy greens, 75 greens are aprox 75T that is 1 star so... I don't know the system that should be used, but too passed 50 rounds till the 100 the "looser" should recovery the half. In my opinion, as said, as tokens are a main tool to buy boosters for a real improvement once one have the good players....

    And this to do not mention the connection closed in the round 256.... lol
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    "but too passed 50 rounds till the 100 the "looser" should recovery the half."

    I understand english is not your language but if you are suggesting the "Looser" in the auction gets half his tokens back is it not only fair that the winner gets half back as well ?
    Thus making the "auction" system pointless
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    I haven't got into a transfer battle in ages. All the recommended players I've bought have been proven performers. I wish they would revamp the negotiations system to make it easier for the seller to set a visible token price and for nordeus to still make a profit. I'm fortunate that server refresh time is 8pm here meaning I can check transfer lists at a normal hour for nordgens unlike most of you.

    All they would have to do is allow managers to set a starting token bid with associated cash amount and let the seller decide whether to leave the bidding open for 24 hours once there is a qualifying bid or to set a buyout price. None of this fussing about with rejecting 0T bids, Once his qualifying bid price has been established, there is no going back for the seller once the price has been met. I rarely see bid wars on negotiation players and would like to see more of it as I net make 5T-30T a season selling players on negotiations and would like to see it improve.
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    When two bidders are going to get the "Stubborn" achievement almost the last day of the season

    Just witnessed this madness.... whats the highest profit you have seen?-sell-douglas-costa-49-rounds.jpg

    Thanks guys
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