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Thread: what does these stats mean?

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    what does these stats mean?

    I lost today 2 games and the opponents were weaker
    the last opponent (home)was %7-8 weaker and was playing classic 4-4-2
    I was playing 3-4-1-2 by the counter formation. My preparation level was good. I was present the opponent was not.
    my tactics were hard defending-through the middle-short passing-counter attacks on-pressing low tackling normal- marking zonal-offside off
    my teams condition was full and no player with bad moral.
    Lost the game 3-1 with these stats

    My team was the away team
    Possession 45 to 55 in favour of my team
    total shots 17 to 16
    shots on target 6 to 8
    shots efficiency 50 to 12 ?????
    passes 84 to 86
    free kicks 2 to 0
    corners 9 to 6
    saves 1 to 2
    tackles 20 to 22
    fouls 9 to 8
    yellow cards 0 to 1
    red cards 0 to 0

    How can I interprete these stats. What am I doing wrong?
    My goalkeeper rating is 6.6
    my teams lowest rating is 6.5 and highest rating 8.3
    opponent's lowest rating is 6.4 (goalkeeper) highest rating 8.6
    We had same number of mc's I was present, my bonus was possesion my players were better but Still the possession was not quite low for opponent.
    no troll result as explanation please lol.
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    I would not have played 3-4-1-2 against a 4-4-2 formation
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    the last opponent (home)was %7-8 weaker and was playing classic 4-4-2
    that's q difference is meaningless
    4-4-2 has a "mysterious" ballance

    I was playing 3-4-1-2 by the counter formation.
    if 4-4-2 has a counter formation (I doubt), this is not the one

    hard defending-through the middle-short passing-counter attacks
    counter attacks working better with long pass - or at least with mix

    shots efficiency 50 to 12 ?????
    bad day for your attackers but
    as STs are not have the best days of the game and many times only one DC of oppo in a great day (with a high rate after the game) can stop them
    I suggest to play more with wingers and one ST

    Did oppo scored from F-K or C-K ?
    Do you have any "header" or "defensive wall" sa in your team ?
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    with more wingers and 1 st I'm having scoring problems altough my STs are above 100%.
    thus I don't like using 4-5-1 V style
    no F-K or C-K goals. The match report also says disappointed lol
    No very high rate for defenders. 7 to 7.5 for all of them
    no sa in defence
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    i suggest you try play attacking with high pressing. have 4 good defender. i recommend you start playing 442 formation is more balance. in good day can beat any formation.

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    Exactly how he writes Niko, so it is.
    4-4-2 is unpredictable disposition, and I never know what to expect.
    3n-4-1-2 now it does not work. Use 3n-1-4-2 or 4-5v-1 and work perfectly.
    The last 2/3 of the season happens to me, I do not win your opponents by 40-60% weaker and that just sucks. 7-8% is no difference in quality teams.

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    I would use 4-1-2-1-2 Narrow Diamond against 4-4-2 Classic.
    Once upon a time, 4-4-2 Classic beats the Narrow Diamond. But the opposite is true now.
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    I've always preferred overloading one side of the pitch when facing 442. single st on the right or left channel with an amc centre. You must exploit the flat nature of 442 with triangles, if you are going offside lots, use short. If you are losing possession in the centre of the pitch, use long passing as he is likely pressing high. No one formation is a guaranteed vs balanced formations like 442 but you must interpret the match statistics and game flow to determine your course of attack. i would recommend a formation with an amc though to create space for your other players.
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    3n 4 1 2 is a perfect counter if you get the orders right... 4 4 2 is the easiest formation for me to beat.
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    I have never had any problems with 4-4-2 with the formation I use for Al FC:
    what does these stats mean?-al-taktik.jpg

    Normal/mixed/mixed/off/low and so forth.

    You don't face that many 4-4-2 teams that are that good, but I faced a good opponent in the last association game:
    what does these stats mean?-motst-ndare-fa.jpg
    what does these stats mean?-fa-motst-nd-taktik.jpg

    The first game was fairly close but I still won pretty comfortable.
    what does these stats mean?-fa-match-1.jpg

    In the second game I got him good at home, 5-0 before he got a red card and I could win 8-0 in total.
    what does these stats mean?-fa-match-2.jpg

    What you get is basically a 3 on 2 situation at center midfield and you get a 3 on 2 against the strikers (and three DCs in general, which always is good against all players), in turn you give up a 2 on 1 on your right side and only have one ST against 2 DCs. But a good DMR can handle a DL and ML very good, its nothing that will kill you. One striker against two DCs is also no big problem. So I will definitely take those odds against a 4-4-2 any day, getting an advantage at MC and having three DCs you are just hard to beat.

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