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Thread: Season 84 - Are you ready?

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    After our final training today (before first game), Captain infront of the whole team came to me, because he had to say something to me. The feeling was... can't describe it. "Boss, we want to thank you. You kept your promise, you don't sell anyone. That was real greatness. You made something, we never thought it's possible these days at soccer: we are friends, family and unity. We feel good to be here, we love play for this club. You made a big club, pls keep that."
    Short silence, than all 21 shouted "THANK YOU."

    At FA, we made a fanastic final: we won 34:1... and that one draw was by me... Okay, opponent was 15% stronger, but I made at first leg wrong decisions (at halftime we had 0 SoT, opponent 5 - I changed, finally we had 7 SoT, oppo 6). We won 2.leg and we were much better.

    At league, we won 14:0 vs last one, but Weigl and Costa made a thrilling game for the top scorer at league... finally, both are first.
    Costa made a new clubrecord of assists: 40

    Overall, we had a fanatastic season: 68 games: 63 wins, 3 draw and 2 lost (both at FA, where I faced a much stronger team, which used a formation, I never saw before. )

    Some pic for you:
    Season 84 - Are you ready?-lastday.jpg

    Season 84 - Are you ready?-top3.jpg

    Season 84 - Are you ready?-league2.jpg

    Season 84 - Are you ready?-seasonstats.jpg

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    Got the double, league and champions league.

    In associations we promoted and are guaranteed a spot in gold 3 league. I picked up 9 points, being upset by a 10% weaker team in the final match of the season. Not happy with that result, but it happens, gotta tip my cap to the guy. He's got the highest quality team in his association by a slim margin and still has 174 points, so i'm sure he knows what he's doing. The rest of the association did well as we won the finals 22-13, securing 1st. Semi-Finals was 32-2.
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    Good luck next season, the season 85 that, in what we will play the TOP ELEVEN 2017.


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