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Thread: Question about throwing and kicking in GKs.

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    Question about throwing and kicking in GKs.

    It's been several seasons (almost since the update) that I don't train my GKs' throwing and kicking, because I think they're useless.
    In the animation I don't see any throwing happening and when the GK kicks the ball, it doesn't matter how much skill he has.
    I see every time the same kicks.

    So, what do you think about them?? What's your experience??

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    nothing special about goalkeeper but if you wanna have some fun let him take freekick and penalty. atleast his stat will look special.

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    It's entirely possible that those skills are factors in decisions that aren't clear in the animations. For example:

    If you play defensive with low pressing, GK might rely on throwing to move the ball a short distance to start the possession from the defensive line; attacking mentalities might rely on kicking to deliver the ball farther up-field. I don't discount those possibilities.

    There are animations of the ball moving far from the GK (with altitude, so presumably a kick) and being picked up by opposition starting a fast counter.
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    I do not know specifically about these skills of GK.

    But my impression till now is that individual skills (throwing, shooting, finishing etc etc) play no role in the game.
    It seems for me that the total % of quality of each category only matters (attack, defense etc)

    I ve seen player with half "speed" skill, running like devil.
    I ve seen player with half "shooting" skill, scoring from Mars.
    I ve seen player with half "finishing" skill, scoring more than the best finishing striker.

    Having this impression (without knowing if it is correct) I stopped watching individual skills and pay attention only to % quality.
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