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    I don't know how this game works but going through middle never worked for me against 1 dc I don't know why? I always won when I Attack on the flanks.

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    You bought a brand new 11 players at once ? I did that at the start of this season (just 5 and 6 stars players). Top of the line! I was losing with 2 stars teams, and didn t played risky or something. I've Done some research and it seems that the players need a time to adapt and understand each other - specially when You replace Most of You re playere "over the night".

    After a few loses with 2 stars teams (haha), now i'm în first place în champions hip and won with 4-0 în champions league quarters with a player as same as good as me.

    I think the coclusion is that You players (If You have a lot of fresh new players) needs a while before they can understand each other on the field.

    This is my first post. Hope it will help You!

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