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Thread: Tactics For Coward?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gizzmo View Post
    Fair enough, I'll go to bed tonight as a cheat and coward. But with the cup in my pocket. I can live with that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gizzmo View Post
    I completely disagree with that: I am not building a 7-star team season after season just to get 7-star opposition ! What would be the point ? So, you just abandon your team to a 2-star level and you get as many chances to win the cup as me ?? And you are claiming you want a fair cup ? How fair would that be ?
    It would be like saying: I do not want to work, so I do not earn money, so I deserve a $ 10 Ferrari !
    Have you heard Dynamo Zagreb or Basel complaining about the fairness of Champions League ? If you want the CL, you build up Real's or Bayern's squad.
    At least, one thing rejoyces me: there is no chance that Nordeus would consider this change as it is definitely not in their interest.
    I can't understand why are you so afraid if Top Eleven started to consider Quality throughout whole season. You don't have guts to face same quality team as you? Its good Idea. People are not going to play with 3star team whole season.
    & If you are talking about real football then Higher Level Teams should Directly qualify for top 64 & lower level team should play for qualifying cup.
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    Lots of people manipulate the game in various ways, i.e. tanking, keeping one stars, etc. I don't agree with them and I think they're cowardly ways to win, but if all you care about is winning, then I respect your choice to do it. I just reserve the right to judge you for it.

    As for me, I treat the game as strategic as I can. In real soccer, managers have a set source of resources, and they can't cheat the game. So I prefer that experience. And when I do win (which I do quite a bit, got 2nd in CL and will get 1st in League, probably), it makes it that much more rewarding. It makes the game a lot more engaging (and a lot cheaper).


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    if they repeatetly put you in world cup with teams 3 stars above than they are cheating (nordeus )

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    If you believe that Cup draw can be better, please write a suggestion to the relative section of the forum without insulting other players.
    Also, if you want to continue being a member of this forum, read again the forum rules and respect them

    You cannot have two accounts
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    thread is closed
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    I hope, this will finish soon. Just in few hours.

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