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    Quote Originally Posted by nikolgiorgos View Post
    ok, @ VannHell
    I merged your thread with this because it has the same subject.
    As the matter of fact, in every page of this section there is a similar subject so this issue is always in the first line (as about boosters too ) and makes the forum more boring to read and more difficult to find an older thread with an interesting subject you were looking for.
    So, welcome to the forum.
    As you 're here, you can read this

    saying that top quality of 14 players counts for the Cup draw, so your oppo (who looks expert to this) used this method

    to have an easier draw.
    Some say it's cheating, some say it's not fair, some really don't care about the Cup, some farming, some paying a lot of money.
    But that's the way the game is (for now).
    So now you know and you can decide which road and targets to choose.
    nikolgiorgos im not new,i know this.just I did not know it could reach such a difference.i like fair play in life and because I can not fight nordeus the
    easiest way is stop playng.just tell me,is there way we change this? why not 1lvl vs 1lvl,2 vs 2,3 vs 3....thats fair

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    I did not know it could reach such a difference
    things can be worst in higher levels and not only in the Cup

    is there way we change this?
    at the moment only with this tactic above.
    We are players, we 're managers and take decisions only for our team

    why not 1lvl vs 1lvl,2 vs 2,3 vs 3
    then the wealthiest teams (token buyers, farmers) gonna win every competition
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    why is it unethical to pay money into this game to improve your team? i see zero problem with it. i would venture that most of us on this game do have the ability to pay for extra tokens (you have the internet, and some form of device to get on to play the game). i would go on to say that most people playing do not want to pay. thats cool..its all about choice. pay, dont pay. get rests, dont get doesnt matter.
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    If you ever want to win a cup, just go inactive for 3 months, come back and spend the bonus tokens and crush an easy 4 star cup competition lol, I'm about to do it on my wife's account. I'm also in Cup SF on my main squad vs 1 level higher clubs. Good tactics and squad planning make challenges like this exciting for me.
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    You do not need to spend money to win the cup, its not that difficult, with decent tactic and attending at every cup game .... it should be doable.....

    I have won cup 7 times and even if "sleepers" (managers who sleep few seasons and than buy decent players at their level) are not a problem....

    make sure that all your players are NGE so wake up early and buy them, not rubbish who has been sold during the day
    always give your player special ability , although its not confirmed, I do believe, special ability can rate as a 1 star, at least it looks that way from my games...

    here you go some results I did this season... QF
    Attachment 72941An open letter to Nordeus-donedeal.jpg
    , second I have won 3-2 at home

    today, another sleeper turned up ... and left with empty hands... cant wait for replay game
    An open letter to Nordeus-haha2222.jpg
    An open letter to Nordeus-hahaha.jpg

    and one more thing I forgot to mention... in the games you play stronger opponent, NEVER make a sub (as per images, I do not do it anymore.... everytime I did a sub, I conceded badly..... I think its a bug (not confirmed haha, but works for me )

    Just never give up, never spend money and use right tactic, you will do it one day mate Attachment 72938
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails An open letter to Nordeus-bastard.jpg  
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    As always they are making hard to contact them, if you write something they dont like they delete your post. When you ask them something they answer in blah...blah form .

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    Im at level 41...won over 20 league titles...2 CL with 5 more finals...but in cup i was 2-3 times at 1/4 finals. Usually im out i qualifications. I have tried lot of things but they always put me with teams 2* above me.

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    They should do the same thing as with associations. Only stars should matter.

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