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Thread: A question of morale...

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    A question of morale...

    Hi everyone! This may have been posted already so I apologise if that is the case, but I have a question regarding player morale; more specifically, why does it drop for no apparent reason?

    My team is performing very well so far this season - 14 league games so far without defeat and still progressing in the cup. I have applied good win bonuses. But even after a great victory, some players will suffer a morale drop. It doesn't seem to matter if they are playing often, or even scoring a ton of goals. So why is this the case? My instinct tells me the game is designed that way so we have to buy morale boosters but I'm done with investing real money into this game only to see my team get hammered by weaker opponents without their manager even spectating. It's one of the many things I could list about this game that is unrealistic, imbalanced and unfair.
    (Why do you keep playing then? you may ask. Because fundamentally it's a pretty good app, and I keep hoping the little issues will be fixed!)

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    This falls into the "we don't really know how this works" category.

    Here's recent, relevant discussion with feedback from admins :
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    If he plays and get low rating , his morale drops.
    If u subbed him, and he feel angry , morale also drop.
    If he sit on bench a few games morale also drop.
    If he keeps playing many games continously his morale also start to drop .

    To get morale up,
    He gets mom rating.
    He come in as sub
    He didnt play for a long time and gets picked.

    But overall, players tend to drop their morale thats why the 7 blue bags come in handy but sometimes not enough. Best way is to keep winning games.
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