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Thread: Season 87- Are you ready?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gert Funck View Post
    Mega visual bug.. Muhahah!

    Attachment 75298
    Yea sure, we all know you hacked the game So gift us all something nice. I only want all the official items and nothing more. THANKS !
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    I can't believe we finish 3rd in association this week.

    It feels like I want to rock bottom both captain and vice captain for also losing their match. Then finish it with the people's elbow.

    Draw in our 2nd leg 1-1 and I think the players forgot to kiss the referee before the match starts. They should kiss the referee.

    A midfielder gets second yellow card after chokeslam the opponent player. How unfortunate. Good job undertaker.

    We won the 1st leg 3-0 and the manager try to celebrate with a breakdance but he can't.

    And there's nothing left to say and that's the bottom line because stone cold said so.
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    Big Match Report :

    AFC Green 1-2 Persebaya 2014

    In the big away game against AFC Green, my team has to contend with the opposing supporters and the relentless charge from the green forces. But Shinji Okazaki managed to upset their GK with 2 spot on free kicks before Petrus Sutarto has to concede after a few minutes in 2nd half.

    Misses next match :

    Darrel Lvavata'l (DMC)
    Joao Soares (Multirole DF)
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    Early rise for the Desert Rats Management this morning, and just time to check the transfer market before starting the day - Nordgens!!! Rather than behaving like a kid in a sweet shop, the current squad situation was studied and three players targetted, two must-haves, and a nice-to-have. The first two were bought for 1T each, total $15.9M spent, the latter one a 5*/44Q(99%) DL/DML attracted other interest and the Management ducked out after 5T with the buying price already north of Market Value by a fair amount...

    Season 87- Are you ready?-dr-ireneusz-jezierski-1t8_63m.jpgSeason 87- Are you ready?-dr-filip-andersson-1t8_27m.jpg

    MC Damian Bizacki and MR/DMR Jonathan Howley have been released for transfer.
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    missing the goals from Super League competition
    Season 87- Are you ready?-ronaldo-d23-600-goals.jpg

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    I guess he was a good sub and got MOM

    And won my league, officially... won last round but my oppo had a mathematically chance

    Season 87- Are you ready?-19thjocsere.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabez Teh View Post
    I guess he was a good sub and got MOM
    Same, 2 goals + MOM, CL final leg 1

    Season 87- Are you ready?-untitled-146104.jpg
    Season 87- Are you ready?-untitled-146105.jpg

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    New year new hairstyle. Im feel like Djibril Cissé lol

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    Tomorrow, we can make a historic game.

    We are a really good team, Costa is in perfect shape, my Keeper conceeded 491min no goal. We had a winning streak of 31, broken by only one goal against an FA-member at Cup-Semi. We don't have anything to lose and... I believe in this team.
    Season 87- Are you ready?-cupfinal.jpg

    If we also win at league, we are the champions ( struggle a lot lost games, we are 13 point ahead at the moment), so we can win two trophies tomorrow.
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    Current league standing....

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