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Thread: Season 87- Are you ready?

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    Season 22 final result

    Season 87- Are you ready?-untitled-146134.jpg

    Season 87- Are you ready?-untitled-146131.jpg
    Season 87- Are you ready?-untitled-146132.jpg
    Season 87- Are you ready?-untitled-146133.jpg

    Season 87- Are you ready?-untitled-146130.jpg
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    Just one home match left to seal my first with wins only league title. Will provide a screenshot after the match is played.

    I'm so pumped up about the new season. Let's go.
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    Yes we won the double!

    Season 87- Are you ready?-img_20170107_164213.jpg

    Season 87- Are you ready?-img_20170107_164149.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gert Funck View Post
    Yes we won the double!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20170107_164213.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Well done mate. Wow, the amount of money as you go up in levels is extraordinary.
    I ****ed up at the cup final and sadly didn't repeat the double this year.
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    End of Season Players' results

    Season 87- Are you ready?-eee.jpg
    Season 87- Are you ready?-eee1.jpg
    Season 87- Are you ready?-eee2.jpg

    I credit Cho Kwan-Myong as the best player this season because even though he did not appear in every game, he usually delivers.

    Okazaki as well. However most of his goals are from set pieces
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    A great season again.
    We reached the 26-0-0 season . Won the CL.
    CUP we are out in the quarter finals.

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    The season is officially over, so I'll make a review.

    Season 87- Are you ready?-screenshot_20170107-193802.jpg

    It was a rather mediocre season for me I'd say.

    The only real achievement I managed to make is the league title with wins only and without conceding a goal for the last 15 matches of the season. It has to be said that the only real opposition I had was the 2nd placed team though. He was better in quality but I managed to counter his tactics and win in both of our games (2-3 away, 1-0 home).
    Season 87- Are you ready?-screenshot_20170107-193155.jpg

    Champions League
    The competition this year was a lost cause from the beginning (Thank you Nordeus for the new draw system). I managed to qualify to the Knockout Stage, but the opponent in the Round of 16 was too good for me (he went to the final and lost btw).
    Season 87- Are you ready?-screenshot_20170107-195143.jpg

    Season 87- Are you ready?-screenshot_20170107-193222.jpg

    The loss in the final was the most frustrating thing about this season and it's why I consider it a mediocre/bad one. The opponent scored in every chance he had.
    Season 87- Are you ready?-screenshot_20170107-193232.jpg

    Players Stats
    Season 87- Are you ready?-screenshot_20170107-193602.jpg

    Season 87- Are you ready?-screenshot_20170107-193658.jpg
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    After yesterdays bad luck at FA, we played vs another exploiter FA. (3 teams of them were 25% better - AFTER my loans -, only one of us were better - only by 5%). After 1.leg (home), we were down 7:10, again bad luck: one 25% worse team conceeded 2:3 at 89'. Another member got at red card at 14', but was overall better, ended 2:2.
    At second leg, we tried everything... and we won it 18:15 - only my team lost 1:2... thanks to the RNG: we were better on stats, lost by two FK (opponent got 5, but we played easy tackling/low pressure)...

    Finally... season is over. let's take a look:
    Attachment 75565

    We had a very hard league draw, it was so close until 14.round (2. place and we had same points), we won against I think, after that, he gave up the league, because he struggled a lot and was lucky to keep

    At CL, we made a perfect competition. 13 games, 13 wins.

    Cup was bad luck with the L16, 180% guy. We couldn't surprise him, but we were 5.time in a row at finals.

    My best guys this season:
    Attachment 75566
    Costa made a new record of MoM-titles (it was 22) and most goals in one season (it was 98). He missed record of most goals at league only by two goals.
    Kraxner reached after last league 120% again, so he is ~20% lower than the final teamquality, but he performed pretty well. He made some very important goals/assists.
    da Silva: He played his first season. I would say, if we hadn't Costa, he would be Costa-like.

    Finally, GK get no stats, but my new GK, Teguia (came from academy) made very good games. At this point, I have to thank Awe, because he said, he got a good U18-keeper, so I tried it too.
    records of Teguia this season:
    Played 19 games, conceeded only 3 goals, made 17 clean sheets - 10 in a row.

    I've to send a big thanks to the teachers, trainer and scouts at our academy.

    The most funny pic this this season (AM of my wife).
    Season 87- Are you ready?-worstam.jpg

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    Well I finished 9th after beating a club 34% stronger than me on the last day. Total troll, if I get promoted because of it I will be very upset
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